After observing the effects of COVID-19 on both students' and teachers' mental health in our school, our team was inspired to create a product that would support them. Obviously, a video game cannot cure mental illness, but it can be a great resource for younger audiences, which is why we created Nakama. Our game is targeted to children and teenagers who are experiencing the adverse psychological effects of the pandemic. It is aimed at encouraging kindness and creating a "brighter" future. A single act of kindness has the potential to change someone's life. 

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The Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network


     After the start of the pandemic, people were left feeling alone and in a constant state of fear or anxiety. Because of this, Nakama is motivated to improve our community's mental state with a kind and fun video game. Additionally, we decided to donate ten percent of those profits to the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network (TSPN). TSPN is a statewide organization working tirelessly to eliminate the stigma of suicide by providing helpful facts and resources to those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts or actions. 


     By donating to this organization we are not only helping them stay funded and available to people, but we are also hoping to help our community. Combining Nakama and the staff at TSPN, our team hopes to bring about a future of happiness and vitality.